1. Create an import file with at least the required fields


Required Fields:

  • Student Import ID

  • Statement Copy Recipient ID

Note: Statement Copy Recipient ID is the Record ID of the person who is being added as a Statement Copy Recipient

2. In Administration, click Import records

3. Highlight Record and click New Import

4. Select the Update Existing Entries option

5. In the Import file field, enter the path of the Import file created in step one

6. Complete the remaining fields on the General tab as needed, click Next

7. Select the appropriate options on the File Layout tab, click Next

8. If you included field names in the import file, they appear in the Field to Import column. The program automatically maps those fields to their equivalents in the Financial Edge Import Field column. Check these mappings to make sure they are correct.

9. If you did not include field names, the first row of data from your import file appears in the Field to Import column. You must manually map the field data to their equivalents in the Financial Edge Import Field column.

a. In the Import these fields grid, select the row you want to map to an import field.

b. In the Available fields box, select the Financial Edge field which corresponds to the field you are importing, and click Select.

c. If the import file has multiple occurring fields, such as vendor attributes, you must enter an extension in the Extension column.

d. When you have finished setting all fields, click Next.

10. Mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported option to create a file of records that could not be created/updated. This option allows you to modify the records causing an exception and import them separately.

11. Mark the create control report option

12. Click Save and enter an appropriate name

13. Click Import Now to begin the import process

14. Review the control report once the process is complete
For more information refer to How to import into the Financial Edge