Crystal Reports is not supported on a Terminal Server but there is a possible work around which may resolve the issue.
Note: This solution is provided for the scenarios described in this document that occur in Citrix Server and Terminal Server environments. These errors occur because Citrix Server and Terminal Server use the User Path Variable rather than the System Path Variable for clients. This solution has been written for Crystal Reports 8.5. The directory path to the Crystal folder may be different in other versions.
1. Copy the files from the following directory:
Warning: Do not delete the %systemroot\Crystal directory. Other Business Objects products may require this directory.

2. Paste the files to the System directory. For example, in Terminal Server, the System directory is generally:
Note: Verify the correct directory location in your environment. If multiple users will be accessing Crystal via a Terminal server then additional user licenses are required per user. If the steps above fail to resolve the issue, please review Knowledgebase article: Error: Crystal 11 has stopped working - when previewing or printing a Custom Crystal Report
With the DLLs in the System directory, the User Path variable will be able to locate them. The error messages should be resolved.
Tip: To troubleshoot issues in Citrix and Terminal Server environments, the first step is to isolate where the issue is occurring. Test the issue in a non-Citrix or non-Terminal Server environment such as a local desktop computer. If the issue can be reproduced in a local Windows desktop computer environment, then it is consistent with the Crystal Reports Designer. However, if the issue only occurs in the Citrix or Terminal Server environment, then the issue is specific to these environments.