-- Query for the major gift types
WHEN 1 THEN 'Cash'
WHEN 2 THEN 'Pay-Cash'
WHEN 3 THEN 'MG Pay-Cash'
WHEN 8 THEN 'Pledge'
WHEN 9 THEN 'Stock/Property'
WHEN 10 THEN 'Stock/Property (Sold)'
WHEN 11 THEN 'Pay-Stock/Property'
WHEN 12 THEN 'MG Pay-Stock/Property'
WHEN 13 THEN 'Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)'
WHEN 14 THEN 'MG Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)'
WHEN 15 THEN 'Gift-in-Kind' WHEN 16 THEN 'Pay-Gift-in-Kind'
WHEN 17 THEN 'MG Pay-Gift-in-Kind' WHEN 18 THEN 'Other'
WHEN 19 THEN 'Pay-Other' WHEN 20 THEN 'MG Pay-Other'
WHEN 21 THEN 'Write Off' WHEN 22 THEN 'MG Write Off'
WHEN 27 THEN 'MG Pledge' WHEN 30 THEN 'Recurring Gift'
WHEN 31 THEN 'Recurring Gift Pay-Cash' WHEN 32 THEN 'GL Reversal'
WHEN 33 THEN 'Amendment' WHEN 34 THEN 'Planned Gift'
ELSE '' END "Gift Type"


The following are the various gift type definition data that can be retrieved by the SQL query.
Gift Type Table
Cash (default) 1
Pledge Pay Cash 2
MG Pledge Pay Cash 3
Covenant Payment 4
Pledge 8
Stock 9
Sold Stock 10
Pledge Pay Stock 11
Pay Stock 12
Pledge Pay Sold Stock 13
MG Pledge Pay Sold Stock 14
Gift In Kind 15
Pledge Pay Gift In Kind 16
MG PledgePay Gift In Kind 17
Other 18
Pledge Pay Other 19
MG Pledge Pay Other 20
WriteOff 21
MG WriteOff 22
Net Covenant 24
Gross Covenant 25
Deposited Covenant 26
MG Pledge 27
Adjustment 28
Covenant WriteOff 29
Recurring Gift 30
Recurring Gift Pay Cash 31
GLReversal 32
Amendment 33
Planned Gift 34

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