Use a Select Expert:
  1. Using the Report Select Expert, select the Field that contains the values you want to include/exclude in report.
  2. Select appropriate operator (=, <>, etc) and enter the values to either include/exclude in report.

Create a formula:
  1. In the Field Explorer, right-click on Formula Fields and select New
  2. Enter a formula to filter for the gifts needed. Ex: If {Appeal_Description}="Appeal Not Needed" then {Gift_Amount}
  3. Replace the {Gift_Amount} field with the formula created in step #2
  4. Create a total based off that formula. A formula can be used here. Ex: Sum(@GiftAmountFormulaName )

Create a Running Total:
  1. In the Field Explorer, right-click on Running Total Fields and select New
  2. Field to summarize: Select the field that will be summed and click the right arrow button to bring it over to the right
  3. Type of summary: Select "Sum"
  4. Evaluate: Select "Use a Formula" and enter the formula for the gifts that should be summed (Ex: {Appeal_Description} = "FY15"
  5. Reset: Select the appropriate option for when the running total value should be reset back to $0 (select Never if this is a grand total)