Change or delete the Select Expert formula so that it no longer filters out all records.
  1. Go to Report > Selection Formulas > Record to access the Select Expert formula

If changing the Select Expert does not resolve the issue, please try the following:
  1. Right-click on the subreport from the main report and select Change Subreport Links.
  2. Ensure that the parameters selected all have a matching field in the subreport.
  3. Review all conditional suppressions in the subreport to ensure accuracy.
  4. In the subreport click on Database > Verify Database.
  5. In the Design View, right click on one of the blank fields and select Browse Data. If data is blank then check the export criteria.
  6. Verify that the subreport is using the correct export file.

Verify that the table joins are set to Left Outer Join.

Verify that the Field Explorer window is not covering the data in the report.