Please note that if you're hosted by Blackbaud you will need to log into the Blackbaud Hosting services first and then migrate your Crystal Reports to Blackbaud Hosting.

Update the location of the Crystal Report:
  1. Go to Reports > Custom Reports
  2. Open the Custom Report
  3. On the Select Crystal Report line, click the browse button
  4. Navigate to the shared network location and select the appropriate Crystal Report (.rpt) file and open it
  5. Preview the Custom Report
If the error still occurs, update the location of the Export data:
  1. Open the Custom Report
  2. On the Select Export line, click the Edit Export (to the right of the binoculars)
  3. Click Export Now and save the database export (.mdb) file to the shared network location
  4. Once the data is exported, click Save and Close
  5. Preview the Custom Report

Update the location settings in Crystal Reports:
  1. Launch the Crystal Report application
  2. Go to File > Open and select the Crystal report (.rpt) file from the shared network location
  3. Use the Set Location function in Crystal Reports to select the database export (.mdb) file from the shared location
  4. Click Close
  5. Go to Database > Verify Database
  6. Save the report and close out of Crystal Reports