The Files Folder is intended as a temporary storage area that allows users to move files from their hosted services to their local machines (or vice versa). Each hosting user is allocated 100 MB of space in the Files Folder.
  • Here users can see all files for their own organization in this area due to the FTP functionality in use. If additional security is required, add users to the Secure Domain Group in Blackbaud Hosting Services.
  • Performance issues may be experienced when the number of files exceeds 2000. We recommend routine maintenance to remove files no longer needed to ensure proper performance when using the Files folder in the Blackbaud Hosting Services environment.
  • If the [user name].pst file in the Mail folder is using up excess space, either remove unwanted items from Outlook launched within the application or download the .pst file locally then remove it from the secure Files Folder location. When Outlook is launched within the application again, a new .pst file will be created.

To temporarily increase the available space in the Files Folder for a single account, 
  1. Contact Support and reference this article
  2. Please also include the Hosting Username you would like the temporary Files Folder size increase for

Note: If you would like a permanent increase per user, please contact your Account Executive for more information about purchasing the needed space.