The Total Views column displays how many times the page is accessed from the link in the message.  The Unique Viewers column displays how many unique recipients use the link to access the page.

For example, a recipient clicks the link in the email three times to access the events page on your site. For the events page, the Total Views column increases by three, and the Unique Viewers column increases by one.

Note: The click through information is initiated from the link in the email. So if an email message is forwarded to another email address, the click through information is still recorded. However, the unique viewers will not increase. Only the total views column will increase when a message has been forwarded to another email address.

Note: Users can also update their email preferences by navigating to the email preferences page in the same browser session that was used to open a link in an email message. This can be done instead of directly clicking the email preferences link in an email message. This can result in a higher number of profile update transactions with users opting out than the number of click throughs for the email preferences link in an email message. The same will apply with the number of transactions or conversions.