Verify the time and attendance batch has everything distributed
  1. In Payroll Processing, Enter Time Worked open Time and Attendance Batch.
  2. Highlight employee, select GL Distribution.
  3. Verify percent distribution is 100%. If it is not, correct the distribution.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Save and close the time and attendance batch and calculate it.

Verify the distributions are set to percent in Configuration
  1.  In Configuration, Pay Types open the pay type(s) being used in the calculation.
  2. On the GL distribution tab verify that the GL distribution is filled in.
  3. If using Always debit/credit this account ensure the % button is pressed (Not the $ button). If the % and $ buttons are grayed out disregard this step.
  4. Save and Close.
  5. Calculate again.
If importing a time and attendance batch follow the steps below
  1. In Excel, open the import file.
  2. Insert a column for the project distribution amount for the transaction.
  3. Confirm the amount of the project distribution is equal to 100% of the full amount of the transaction.
  4. Save and close the CSV file.
  5. Import the Time and Attendance batch.