Head of Household Processing Options:

  • Export only constituents marked 'Head of Household': Selecting this option exports only to the record marked as head of household.
  • Export to first constituent found: Selecting this option exports the first spouse it processes and skips the linked spouse. For example, John and Jane's query is sorted alphabetically. Because Jane's record is processed first, Export pulls the addressee and address from her record. Export skips John's record.
  • Mail to both constituents separately: Selecting this option exports to both spouses
To use the head of household processing feature in Export follow the steps below:
  1. When creating a new Constituent export, include the query of constituents you are exporting if applicable.
  2. Select Head of Household processing on General tab of the export.
  3. On the Output tab select the fields you desire to display in your export file.
  4. Click Export Now.