Note: A word processor offers many features not available in
Crystal Reports for Blackbaud. It may be easier to use Microsoft Word or
Corel's WordPerfect if you have more experience with them. If you do not
have a word processor, if you need to manipulate data fields, or if you
just prefer to use Crystal Reports for Blackbaud to create a mail merge,
follow the steps below.

To create a simple letter in Crystal Reports for Blackbaud based on a data
file, first create the data file. Then use Crystal Reports to write a single
letter to each constituent in the data file. Follow the steps below.

    • In RE:Query, create a constituent query of the records you want to include
      in the mailing.

    • In RE:Export, create a new constituent export based on Selected Records.
      Select the query you created in Step 1. Click OK.

    • Place the fields you want to include in your mail merge letter in the
      Fields to Extract box. If you want to sort your letters by last name,
      select Sort Key, which is in the Biographical category. You may want to
      include an addressee and salutation in the data file as well as the full
      address (click single set of parameters after selecting the address fields).
      For the gift amount, select Summary Information Total Amount for any date
      range you prefer, or Last Gift Amount for the last gift added to the
      constituent record. If you want to include the gift date, select it from
      the Last Gift category.

    • After you select all of the fields you need, select File, Export from
      the menu bar. To use this data file in Crystal Reports for Blackbaud, you
      must export it in MS Access Report Writer Database format. Mark the Print
      Control Report checkbox and click OK.

      The Control Report includes the exact data file name and path, the fields
      you included in your data file, and the number of records included.

    • In Crystal Reports, select File, New in the menu bar. Click Custom,
      and then click Data File. Browse to the data file you created in RE:Export.

    • On the Design tab, select Insert, Group from the menu bar.

    • On the Insert Group screen, select Sort Key in the first field, and in
      ascending order in the second field. Mark the Keep group together checkbox.
      Click OK.

    • Delete the Group #1 Name field and replace it with Addr/Sal Primary
      Addressee from the Insert Fields list.

    • In the gray area on the left, right-click over Group Header #1 and
      select Insert Section Below and place Address Line 1 in the new section.
      Continue this step until all address lines are on the report in their
      own sections.

    • Using a text box, you can easily format the City, State and ZIP fields
      appropriately. Select Insert, Text Field from the menu bar to insert a
      text field in the final section. With the cursor in the new field, select
      City from the Insert Fields screen and place it directly into the text field.
      If you click outside the text box and need to continue placing fields into
      it, simply right-click the field and select Edit Text Object.

    • Type comma, space, and insert State from the Insert Fields list.
      Type 1-2 spaces, then insert ZIP into the text box.

    • In the gray area on the left, right-click Group Header #1a, and select
      Format Section.

    • Mark the Suppress Blank Section checkbox for each of the Group Header
      #1 sections. Click OK.

    • Preview the report. You should see a list of names and addresses formatted
      correctly with no blank lines between the address lines and the city, state,
      ZIP text field.

    • You may place another text field in the page header for your organization
      name and address if you are not printing on letterhead. Remember to stretch
      the field's height and width to accommodate the text.

    • You may also place today's date in the Page Header. Select Insert,
      Special Field, Print Date Field from the menu bar and place the field in
      the appropriate location.

    • Insert a text field in the Details section for the letter's greeting.
      Type the word Dear and a space and then place the Addr/Sal Primary Salutation
      directly in the text box.

    • Place another text field in the Details section for the body of the letter.
      This is where you can insert the Gift Summary Information Total Amount field
      or the Last Gift Amount Field within the letter text. Remember to stretch
      the field's height and width to accommodate all the text.

    • If you need to round the gift up or down so you only see whole dollars,
      right-click the text field and select Edit Text Object. Use your mouse to
      highlight only the amount field, then right-click the highlighted area,
      select Format (the data field you highlighted).

    • Select 1 in Decimals: then verify Rounding is also set to 1. Next Click OK.

    • Place a text field in the Group #1 Footer for the letter's closing.

    • In the gray area on the left, right-click over Group Footer #1 and select
      Format Section.

    • Mark the New Page After checkbox, click OK, and then preview the report.

      You may need to toggle between the Preview and Design tabs to adjust the
      field positions, but the basic design is complete.