Please review Knowledgebase Solution BB507052 on how to use date range parameters and the Select Expert to filter report for a specific date range.

If you are designing a report to show constituent giving, you may want to display specific time periods of giving in columns. This will allow you to quickly see trends in a constituent's giving history. In Crystal Reports for Blackbaud, you can use parameter fields to indicate which date range to show and then create formulas to pull this information from your data. You can specify exactly what dates you want to see, and the corresponding giving information will appear. You can also export the gift amount and gift date fields with a single set of parameters so you do not have to make changes to these formulas each time you want to see a different date range.

For example, you have a data file containing constituent name, gift amount, and gift date, and you want to see giving totals for two separate years. First, set parameters for each date on the report (Year 1 Start and End Date and Year 2 Start and End Date). On the Design screen, select Insert, Parameter Field from the menu bar. The Parameter Field screen appears, looking similar to the one below.
Parameter Field screen

This shows the setup for Year 1 Start Date. You must also set up fields for the Year 1 End Date and Year 2 Start and End Dates. Once you establish the fields, place them on the report to make them active. (You can choose to suppress these fields, so the actual values will not print.)

Now, create formulas to look at these parameter fields and return the desired information. Following is the formula to show the first year's gift date.

formula to show the first year's gift date

Create a similar formula for the gift amounts for both years and the gift date for Year 2. Place the formulas on the report, and preview it. You will be prompted to enter your parameter field values.

parameter field values

You must use the format above (Date (year, month, day) because it is the one Crystal will recognize. Enter the corresponding values on the tab for each parameter field.

Each time you run this report, you can specify the date ranges you wish to report on and see the corresponding data for each constituent. You may also use the Refresh to enter different values.