1. From the Raiser's Edge bar, click Config. The Configuration page appears.

2. Click the Fields link. The Fields page appears.

3. From the Categories box on the left, select a category of field. The Field Options for that category appear on the right.

4. In the Field Options grid, the Field names list on the left. You can change the display name of a field by entering a new name in the Display As column.

5. Make a field required by marking the checkbox. A required field must contain information before a record can be saved. If you make a field required, the program checks to ensure the new required field does not prevent a security group from adding a record; for example, a group may not have view rights to a tab on which the field is located. If this is the case, a message appears.

6. Mark the checkbox to make a field hidden. A hidden field may contain information, but does not display on a record. You can use this checkbox to hide fields your organization no longer uses.

7. Mark the checkbox to make a field a Lookup. You can add, edit and delete entries for a lookup field. When you place the cursor in a lookup field, you can press F7 to access a the lookup screen. Lookups are virtually identical to tables. The only difference between the two is lookup fields do not have the down arrow in them as do fields with tables.

When you make a field a lookup, you can view, add, edit, and delete entries for the field. Define standard entries to make your data entry more consistent. The field also then appears in the list of tables in the Tables link of Configuration and in Administration in the Code Tables section of Security. Security rights to add, edit, and delete entries for the new lookup are automatically granted to all users.