1. In Reports, click Analytical Reports.
  2. Highlight Consecutive Years Report and click New.
  3. On the General tab, include all records or a query of selected records.
  4. In the fields provided, enter the date range for the latest period during which constituents must have given. For example, to find everyone who has given each year from 1998 to 2002, use the date range 1/1/2002 to 12/31/2002.
    Note: The date range on the General tab does not represent the entire date range of consecutive giving. If selecting fiscal years, the report uses consecutive fiscal years as defined in Configuration, General. If selecting calendar years, it uses consecutive calendar years. 
  5. To create a constituent query of the records included in the report, mark the Create output query checkbox on the General tab. You are prompted to name the query as the report begins to process.
  6. Filter the report as needed by constituent codes, constituent solicitors, appeals, campaigns, funds, and/or gift solicitors on the Filters tab.
  7. Enter gift type and attribute filters on the Gift Types and Attributes tabs, respectively.
  8. Select the Format tab, highlight Detail, and enter the minimum number of consecutive years in the field provided. In our example, enter 5.
  9. Preview the report.
Note: The total shown on the report is the total of gifts given in the consecutive years that the constituent has given, not their total lifetime giving.