1. In Mail, highlight Labels or Envelopes and click New
  2. On the General tab, select the Create for option. The available choices are Constituents, Relationships, Honor/Memorials, or Participants.
  3. Click Include and select:
    • All Records: For all records in the database
    • Selected Records: For a query of records
    • One Record: For one specific record
  4. On the Fields to Include tab, select the appropriate fields to include on the labels or envelopes and select the appropriate addressee/salutation options
  5. On the Filters tab, you can include or exclude constituents based on the date the record was last changed, solicit codes, or constituency codes
  6. On the Attributes tab, you can include or exclude constituents based on attributes
  7. On the Individual Address and Organization Address tabs, select the appropriate addresses for this mailing. For information on address processing, refer to How does address processing work.
  8. Use the Segment tab if more than one query is needed for the mailing. Note: If using the Segment tab, select All Records on the General tab.
  9. On the Format tab, select the sort order and any other appropriate options
  10. Click Print or Preview