This issue may occur due to one of the following reasons:
  • The report file (xxxxx.rpt) itself is corrupted.

    Restore a previous version of the report file from a backup if possible. If transferring the file itself to another location is causing the corruption, then zip up the original file before transferring it. If there is no other version of the file available and it is in fact corrupted, then the report will have to be recreated from scratch. 
  • The report file was saved in a newer/later version than the application being used to open it.

    For example, trying to open a report saved in Crystal XI (11) with the Crystal 8.5 application. The Crystal Reports vendor changed the report file format with Crystal reports (CR) 9 and above. The CR 9 change was because of the introduction of unicode support. Because of the support for unicode CR 9, 10, and XI cannot save the file in previous formats. Open the report in the version in which it was created.

    The Crystal Report runtime components in RE 7.95 were upgraded to Crystal 2013. If a report created in Crystal 8.5 is run through the Custom Reports module of RE 7.95, the report version will be upgraded. The report can only be opened in a version later than Crystal 8.5 after this change.
  • The export file, upon which the report depends, is corrupted.

    Recreate the export within the Blackbaud application.