1. The Received column shows all gifts except pledges and pledge payments

2. The Pledged column shows all pledges. (This pulls the full, original pledge amount if Use gift balances was not marked in the filter criteria. It is recommended leaving that filter option unmarked, as the Paid column is not included in the calculation for the Total Committed.)

3. The Paid column shows all pledge payments
note: Matching Gift pledges and Matching Gift pledge payments will be credited to the MG companies, so matching gifts will not be included in summaries for individuals.

4. The Written Off column shows all pledge write off amounts.

5. The Balance column shows the balance on pledges. Consider this scenario as an example of how pledge balances are handled in the giving summary by Calendar Year:

$250 pledge in 1998
$200 first pledge payment in 2000
On the giving summary, the balance for the year 1998 will be $50, even though the balance during the year 1998 was $250. The balance of the pledge in the year 2000 is $50, but because the pledge balance is pulled from the original pledge record, the balance will always show in the year of the pledge.

6. The Total Committed column is the sum of the Received, Paid, and Balance columns

To get a straightforward, accurate summary:

1. Open the gift record and click View, Summaries, Gift Summary. On the Gift Summary screen, click the little funnel icon on the toolbar.

2. On the General tab, set Date to Use as Gift Date and set Date to Include all Dates. Soft credit gifts to Donor. Matching Gifts to MG Company. Year to Use is Calendar Year.

3. Make sure that everything on the Filters tab is set to All.

4. On the Gift Types tab, click Load All Defaults. Place a check mark next to Exclude Zero Amount Gifts. DO NOT place a check mark next to Use gift balance instead of gift amount.

5. On the Format tab, click Finish.