Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Verify the correct type of addressee was selected. For example, if you want to use Primary Addressee, select the Format tab, and make sure that From Individual is selected for the Individual Name Format. If selecting From Configuration, view the addressee/salutation in Configuration to verify that the addressee/salutation show correctly.
    • Verify the record has the specified addressee/salutation.
    • On the Criteria tab, select:

      Constituent Information, Title 1 blank

      OR Constituent Information, First Name blank

    • For the records found, enter the appropriate information (title or first name) so the addressee/salutation is corrected.

    • Create a constituent query to find editable Addressee/Salutations and output the addressee/salutation and check to see if any appear incorrect. If any do, double-click the constituent name in the results and edit the addressee/salutation as necessary.