1. Ensure that the address is correct on the constituent or relationship's record
    • Note: If the address is correct on one record but not another record, link the addresses so that all are updated in the future.
  2. If the address to print is not the preferred address, make sure an address type is selected in the mailing parameters
  3. Ensure that there are not two addresses on the Address tab with the same address type and both marked Send mail to this address?  Ensure the date on the address is valid for the date of the mailing  
  4. If considering seasonal dates for the address, review the Seasonal Date From and To fields on each of the constituent's addresses to verify they are accurate. The preferred address should not have seasonal from and to dates.  
  5. Verify there are not duplicate records in the database, each with a different address  
  6. Mark Send mail to this address on the appropriate address  
  7. On the Org Address tab, select Mail only to the Organization to send mail to the organizations preferred address and not to the contact's preferred address.  
  8. If mailing to the contact from the Mail module, click Contact Information on the Org. Address tab and select Mail to contact address only instead of Mail to individual address only or vice versa.  
  9. If mailing to the contact from the Mail module, ensure the contact has the correct address by going to the Organization constituent record.  
  10. Recreate the mail or export parameter file  
  11. Stop the database engine  
  12. Start the database engine  
  13. Run the Mail function again