When you split a gift, the program displays the campaigns, funds, appeals, and packages entered on the Split Gift tab in the corresponding fields on the Gift tab. Then, the program disables the Campaign, Fund, Appeal, and Package fields on the Gift tab. When splitting a gift, you need to edit the campaign, fund, appeal, and package information on the Split Gift tab. To enter split gifts:

In Records:  
  1. Add a new gift record or edit an existing one
  2. Enter the gift amount, type, and date
  3. Select the Split Gift tab
  4. Select either to split the gift by percentage or amount
  5. On the first line, enter the fund and the amount or percentage of the split
  6. To split the gift by campaign, appeal, or package, use the available fields
  7. Tab to the next line to enter the fund (campaign, appeal, or package) and the amount for the second split
  8. Repeat step 7 if splitting the gift between more than two funds (campaigns, appeals, or packages)
  9. Save and close the gift

In Batch:
  1. In the Batch enter the gift amount and type
  2. Select Gift, Split Gift from the menu bar
  3. Select each fund and enter the amount for the split


Enter each gift split as its own gift record directly or in Batch. For example, if the gift is split between two funds, then enter two separate gifts -- one gift to each fund.