Public Sub Export(oRow As IBBExportRow)

   'List the columns in the output of the Export
   Const NAME = 1
   Const ID_FIELD = 2
   Const VB_FIELD = 3

   If oRow.BOF Then

       'This code will be processed once (at the beginning of the file).
       'Here you would connect to an external database or run setup code

       MsgBox "Begin processing"

   ElseIf oRow.EOF Then

       'This code will be processed once (at the end of the file).
       'Here you would disconnect/close external databases if needed or run
       'end of processing code
       MsgBox "End processing"


       'This code will be processed once per row   

       Dim oCon As CRecord
       Set oCon = New CRecord
       oCon.Init RE7.SessionContext 

       Dim oInd As CIndividual     
       Dim lID As Long

       'get the id
       lID = oRow.Field(ID_FIELD)
       oCon.Load lID

       'Determine if the record is an individual
       If oCon.Fields(RECORDS_fld_KEY_INDICATOR) = bbki_INDIVIDUAL Then
       For Each oInd In oCon.Relations.Individuals

       'Loop through individual relationships to find spouse
           If oInd.Fields(INDIVIDUAL_fld_IS_SPOUSE) = True Then
               'Compare spouse last name with constituent last name
               If oInd.Fields(INDIVIDUAL_fld_LAST_NAME) <> oCon.Fields(RECORDS_fld_LAST_NAME) Then
               oRow.Field(VB_FIELD) = "Different last name"

               Exit For
              End If
           End If
       Next oInd
      End If

       Set oCon = Nothing
   End If
End Sub

Note: In this example the following fields must be selected in the order listed in Export: Name, System Record ID, VBA User Field. The code must be in the System_Macros project to be selected in Tools, Export Options, VBA Macro.

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