1. Create a constituent query of the constituents whose education relationships should be deleted. For example, to query constituents whose education relationship is a specific school, filter the query on Relationships, Education, School Name equals [school]. 
  2. Export the education relationship Import ID Fields:
    1. Create a new constituent export in Comma-Separated Values format.  
    2. On the General tab, include the query from step 1.  
    3. On the Output tab, select Constituent Information, ImportID and Relationships, Education, Import ID.  
    4. Export the file.
  3. Open the exported file in Excel and change the headers to the following:
    Constituent Import ID = Import ID
    Education Relationship Import ID = ESRImpID 
  4. Add a column for School Type with the heading ESRType.  
  5. Populate the ESRType column with Defunked as the value.  
  6. Save the spreadsheet.  
  7. Import the education relationships to change their school type to Defunked
    1. Click Admin, Import.  
    2. Select Education School under the Constituent section.  
    3. On the General tab, select to update existing records, create new table entries, and browse to the import file.  
    4. Import the records to update the school type.  
  8. Download and run the Delete Education Records plug-in to delete education records that have a school type of Defunked.
Once the export and import process has been completed, if Blackbaud hosts your database:
Contact Support and reference this article. to have a script run to remove the Education Relationships with Defunked School Type.