To group these records together:

  1. On the Summary tab of the import parameters, select to create an exception file.
  2. In Query, create a Constituent query using the Specific Record filter .


  1. Create a Constituent query to pull the appropriate constituents. If you do not have a way to query on them, create a query that might include extra constituents, but you know includes these. Depending on the number of exceptions, you can also select each constituent individually in the query.
  2. Create a Constituent export and export the import ID, first name, last name, and any other appropriate fields.
  3. In another program such as Microsoft Access, link the two files together. Note: This is beyond the scope of our support. If you need help with this, contact a qualified computer technician.
  4. Import the file into The Raiser's Edge.
Alternate solution:
  1. Import the file without marking the Use duplicate criteria for new records checkbox.
  2. Run the Duplicate Constituent Report from Administration, Duplicate Constituents. Select the option to create an output query.