An Indirect Allocation (Misc.) enters an amount, and then calculates an amount by relative balance or by fee schedule. Once the amount is calculated, the allocation can debit and credit a combination of accounts. This type of allocation is useful for allocating amounts from project to project, class to class, and transaction code to transaction code without the account type restrictions placed upon the other indirect allocation types.

  • Indirect Allocation (Expense) requires the user to select asset and expense accounts
  • Indirect Allocation (Income) requires the user to select asset and revenue accounts
  • Indirect Allocation (Misc) does not have account type requirements

Refer to the Allocation Management Guide located in the Manuals folder of the Install CD for more information regarding indirect allocation.

Miscellaneous indirect allocations are similar to indirect income and expense allocations, except you are not restricted to certain source and destination accounts. With miscellaneous indirect allocations, you can create allocations based on the amount calculated in an allocation pool, fees calculated using fee schedules, or income such as interest, dividends, royalties, realized gains, and unrealized gains. You can also determine whether source accounts should be increased or decreased by the allocated amounts.