With the optional module Cash Management, you can effectively manage multiple bank and cash accounts, serving as a central location for all inflows and outflows of cash within your organization. For each account, you can view the register listing all deposits and payments and view receipts in each deposit. You can define one or more cash accounts with each bank account or use one bank account per cash account. Reconciliation in Cash Management tasks ensures you start balanced and stay balanced.

If you have Cash Management, you can create adjustments, reconcile General Ledger cash accounts, clear transactions electronically, and view the reconciliation history of your bank accounts. If you have Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge, you can also import batches from this program. Remember, Cash Management tasks appears only if you have the optional module Cash Management and have defined cash accounts for it in the bank account record. For more information about cash accounts in a bank account record, see Bank Tab.

Note: You can clear transactions electronically if you have a *.QIF file from your bank. Transactions in the *.QIF file that match transactions in the bank register are automatically marked cleared.

Links to these tasks appear under Cash Management tasks on the Banks page. These links take you directly to where you need to be to perform a Cash Management task:

  • Creating New Adjustments
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts
  • Clearing Transactions Electronically
  • Viewing Reconciliation History

To determine if you have Cash Management installed:

  1. In Banks, select the appropriate bank.
  2. Click Edit account details and select the Bank tab.
  3. If there is a row for Cash Management then Cash Management is installed.

For more information, contact your account manager or refer to the Cash Management Tasks section of the Banks Guide (PDF).