For Financial Edge and Education Edge:

To identify duplicate constituents/students/applicants, you must define the duplicate criteria in Configuration. To narrow the focus of a duplicate search, select key field names, such as Last Name, First Name, and Social Security Number:

  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules

  2. Highlight the type of record for which to establish duplicate criteria
  3. In the Field Name column, select a field
  4. In the Length column, enter the number of characters to examine for the
    NOTE: The default field names can be modified or more fields can be added to the existing criteria. If a code table (like Title or Suffix), date field, or yes/no checkbox field is selected in the Field Name column, the length is not applicable.
  5. Check the box to Automatically check for duplicate records and set the appropriate value in the Drop Down menu (You will have a choice of: Warn User, or Do not allow)


For Raiser's Edge:

Starting in RE 7.92, there is a hard-coded algorithm which will weight and intelligently surface the best, most logical results based on the search criteria entered. The algorithm considers the following data fields: name, middle initial, suffix, address, phone number and email. For more information, see How does the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool process?

To search for duplicate records when adding a new record:

  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules

  2. Highlight Duplicates to the left

  3. Mark the checkbox - Run a duplicate search when saving a new 'Constituent'
  4. Mark other checkboxes as desired
  5. Define whether Aliases are considered when searching for duplicates if desired
    • NOTE: If you integrate with Luminate Online, marking Check for individuals can lead to incorrect results

To find existing duplicate records:

To use the duplicate criteria defined in Configuration to find duplicate existing records, run the Duplicate Constituent Management Tool:
  1. In Administration, click Duplicate Constituent Management Tool
  2. Select the type of constituents to search (i.e. Individuals or Organizations)
  3. Click Start a New Search or Open previous results
  • Confirm the settings to use in future runs by going to Tools > Settings (optional)
  • Create a duplicate report by going to File > Preview > Report.
On the preview, this will show the records that were found as duplicates as well as which fields it matched on.