Note: If the end goal is to purge the fixed asset from the system, set the depreciation method on the General tab of the asset record to "Do Not Depreciate" and then Save before beginning the following steps:
  1. In Records, Transactions, click Add a New Transaction  
  2. Enter the asset number or click the binoculars to search for the asset  
  3. Select Asset disposal from the Transaction type drop-down list
    Note: An asset acquisition transaction must be added to the asset before you can add a disposal transactions.  
  4. Enter the disposal price, disposal date and post date
    • Enter a disposal price of zero if there was no loss or gain at the time of disposal.  
    • The disposal date must be later than the last depreciation date and one day prior to the day it will be purged if purging.
  5. In the Disposal Method field, enter a disposal method or select an option from the drop-down list
  6. Click Save and Close

Note: You must have defined default disposal loss accounts in Configuration > Default Accounts before you can record the disposal transaction.