• Select the cell(s) that contains the data to copy
    • Drag the fill handle across the cells to fill and release the mouse button
    • Existing values or formulas in the cells you fill are replaced and formatting is copied.


      1. Highlight the cells to copy
      2. Select Edit, Copy from the menu bar
      3. Click in the beginning cell to copy to
      4. Click Edit, Paste from the menu bar


      • To quickly fill in the active cell with the contents of the cell above it, press CTRL+D. To fill in with contents of the cell to the left, press CTRL+R.
      • If you drag the fill handle up or to the left of a selection and stop in the selected cells without going past the first column or the top row, you delete the data in the selection but the formatting is preserved.
      • If values such as numbers or dates are incremented through the selected range instead of copied, select the original values again and hold down CTRL as you drag the fill handle.