The purpose of the view only user option is to provide a lower cost way to view data. The View only user gives managers and others within an organization a way to view data and run reports without giving them the ability to enter or edit data. The view only user does have the ability to create and modify Queries or Reports.

The View Only user:

  • has view rights to records
  • has view rights to Banks
  • has view rights to Visual Chart organizer
  • has view rights to Journal entry
  • has no rights to Administration and has no rights to Configuration
  • has full access to Dashboard, Plug-ins, Reports and Query
  • can add, edit and run reports and queries

The View Only user may be further restricted by adding the user to a security group.
Note: A group with greater rights than the view only user has, will NOT increase the view only users rights. The group can be used to further restrict the view only user to certain areas of The Financial Edge.

For example, a group with only rights to Accounts Payable functions can be set up. A view only user added to this group will have view only access to Accounts Payable, with no access to General Ledger or Fixed Assets.

To set up a view only user:

  1. In any The Financial Edge module, go to Administration > Set up System Security.
  2. Set up the user as normal
  3. Mark the User can view data but cannot make changes check box
    Note: This check box is only visible if View Only and Advanced Security is installed.

User can view data but cannot make changes check box

Note: Users must exit and sign out of The Financial Edge and log back in before the security changes will take effect.