This example exports the constituent's last 2 gifts. To export additional gifts, increase the number in the Number of gifts to export field.

  1. Create a constituent export.
  2. Select Gifts, Date (or any other appropriate field to export).
  3. On the Gifts Criteria screen, enter 2 for the number of gifts to export.
    Note: The Export module exports the most recent gift first. By selecting to export 2, it exports the last gift and the second to last gift.
  4. Select the appropriate Dates, Amounts, and Soft Credit options
  5. Mark the Order Gifts By Date checkbox and select the Descending option

    Gifts Criteria General tab 

  6. Select the Filters tab and select the appropriate campaign, fund, or appeal filters.
  7. Select the Gift Types tab and select the gift types to include.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Select any remaining fields to export and click Export Now.
    Note: If you only want the next to the last gift, open the file in Excel and delete the last gift.