Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. Confirm the import file does not contain a table entry description that is longer than 50 characters
  2. If you are using Attributes, confirm the data type for that attribute corresponds to the attribute description. For example, if Data type is Text you cannot enter 1.75 for the Attribute Description, you must change the Data type to Numbers.
  3. View the valid table entries for that field:
    Note: This step is available only in financial and education software.
    1. Open the import parameters
    2. Select the Fields tab
    3. Highlight the field in the Fields to import column and click Browse
    4. Compare the table entries in the Browse window to the entries in the import file
  4. In import parameters, on the General tab, mark the Automatically Create New Table Entries checkbox (Note: If you are using an existing value, it must match exactly for the import to add it. If this error still persists, then import with this setting. Afterwards, visit the appropriate table to use the Table Cleanup tool to merge the newly-added value into the existing value.)
  5. Ensure that all the values are spelled correctly, that it is a valid value for the import, and remove all leading spaces. For example, when importing gender, use Male not M.
  6. To use the short description for importing:
    1. On the General tab for importing records select the box that reads "Use Short OR Long Description when importing table entries"
  7. Remove leading spaces from the values, or remove erroneous commas if using CSV format
  8. Save the file in CSV format or use another delimiter
  9. Give the users the rights to modify the appropriate fields
  10. Ensure that all required fields are in the import file. For example, when importing phone numbers, include a column for the phone type. Or if the city field is marked Required, include the City field in the import.
  11. If importing new attributes, ensure the Attribute Import ID fields are left blank or are populated with import IDs that do not already exist in the database
  12. Recreate the import parameter file.
  13. Verify the user has security rights to add code table entries