The logo must first be scanned in using a third party software.  Save the file as a *.bmp file.  Add this file to be printed on your checks.  The size for the stub logo is 0.5 x 0.75 inches, and for the check it is 0.75 x 0.75 inches. Refer to How to create or resize electronic signature files or logos for more information.


To add the logo:


  1. On the navigation bar, click Banks
  2. Click Edit Account Details
  3. Select the Payments tab
  4. Select the Computer check row
  5. In the Accounts Payable Computer Check options frame, select the appropriate (Blank paper) check from the Default form drop-down list
  6. Click Edit Payment Options
  7. Select Check Format
  8. Mark either the Include check stub logo from file, Include check logo for the Organization/Bank from file checkbox, or both
  9. Click browse [...] and locate the BMP file


Note: The BMP file should be either in a shared, mapped network drive or a local directory on the workstation that prints checks