1. Create a query of the records (needing the labels)
  2. Extract the fields needed for the labels (e.g., constituent name, address information, and constituent code) using Export.
  3. In Crystal Reports, select File, New Report from the menu bar.
  4. Select Mail Label from the Report Gallery.  Click Data File, browse for the exported data file, highlight it, and click Add. If the Select Tables screen appears, click Select All, then OK, then Done.
  5. On the Links tab, click Tables. Move any tables from the Invisible Tables box to the Visible tables box and click OK.
  6. Click Smart Linking and then click Next.
  7. On the Fields tab, highlight Constituent Name in the list of exported fields and click Add. Do this for each field wanted on the label.
  8. Create a formula representing the City, State, and ZIP Code fields formatted with commas and spaces. On the Fields tab, click Formula. Type a formula name (e.g., CityStateZip) and click OK. Create the following formula:

                    {CONSTITUENT.EN_US}+”, “

                    +{CONSTITUENT.EN_US}+” “


  9. Click Accept.
  10. The newly created formula field is displayed under the database fields. Highlight the formula and click Add.
  11. The formula should now be listed under the Report Fields below Constituent Name. Click Next.
  12. On the Label tab, select the mailing label type. If Predefined Label is selected, the label specifications fill in automatically. However, if User-Defined Label is selected, you can create a custom label size.
  13. Enter the label size, gap between labels, page margins, and printing direction. Click Next.
  14. On the Select tab, selected records can be filtered from the data file. If all the records in the data file are accurate, changes do not need to be entered.
  15. Click Preview Report.
  16. To make changes, select Report, Report Expert from the menu bar.
  17. Select File, Print from the menu bar to print labels.