Target Analytics helps identify the people most likely to give to your organization. It's finding "the millionaire next door," but it's also much more. Just because someone might have a lot of money doesn't mean that they are necessarily willing to support your mission. That's where Target Analytics is unique. Using complex data models, Target Analytics looks at an array of demographic and psychographic data about your constituents — including wealth estimates — to determine who has the highest propensity to give to your organization.

The Target Analytics process begins with exporting various constituent information from your Raiser’s Edge database.  Once the data is submitted to Target Analytics a statistical model will be created and the constituents scored for giving propensity and giving capacity.

The four standard scores associated with Target Analytics are:

The above scores are imported as Prospect Ratings or Constituent Attributes, depending on if the RE: Search module is present.

Other data appends that Target Analytics Services offer are:

  • NCOA Appends – which find an updated address of the constituent.
  • Phone Appends – which find an updated home phone number of the constituent.
  • Wealth Appends – which gather wealth information (i.e. home value, mortgage amount, etc) of the constituent.
  • Age Appends – which gather date of birth and age of the constituent.

All of the additional appends are imported as a constituent attribute in your Raiser’s Edge database.

Once the statistical model is built and the records scored, a Target Analytics representative will deliver the results (either on-site or remotely).  During the delivery, you are given two CD’s, one for the results in an Access database format and another that contains the import files.

The import files will be used to import the scores and other data appends onto the constituent record.  The import file CD contains separate folders for each type of importing that needs to be completed.  The Scores folder on the CD will contain only the Target Analytics scores that go on either the Prospect or Attribute Tab (depending if RE: Search is present or not).  Please note that RE7 clients will only receive one file that will import all of the scores at one time.  

The additional data append import files are located in the following folders:

  • NCOA – Address update import files with instructions.
  • PHONE UPDATE – Phone number update import files with instructions.
  • WEALTH OVERLAY – Wealth Overlay import files (Attribute import) with instructions.
  • BDAY_GENDER – Birthday and Gender update import files with instructions.

Each of the imports are separate imports and instructions are provided with each type of import.