Note: View-only database licenses are available for The Financial Edge only. The Raiser's Edge, The Raiser's Edge Enterprise, Blackbaud Student Information System, and The Education Edge do not support view-only licensing.


View-only user licenses are an optional feature with Advanced Security. This license allows users to view data, without having rights to edit or enter it, and to create and modify report and queries.


A view-only user can be restricted by group rights. If you add a view-only user to a group with rights only to Accounts Payable, he will be restricted from viewing data in other programs. Adding a view-only user to a group with add, edit or delete rights to records will not increase the user's rights.


The following summarizes View Only user restrictions and rights;

    • Read-Only rights to records.
    • Read-Only rights to Banks.
    • Read-Only rights to Visual Chart organizer.
    • Read-Only rights to Journal entry.
    • No rights to Administration.
    • No rights to Configuration.
    • Full Access to Dashboard, Plug-ins, Reports and Queries


    Contact your Account Representative for more information on view-only database licenses.