Here are some ways to quickly tell if your Raiser's Edge is a Canadian version: 
  1. In Configuration > Financial Institutions, open an existing Financial Institution or select to create a new one.
  2. If the database is the Canadian version, the Institution ID and Destination ID will be on the right above the notes section.
  1. Click on Mail in the left Raiser's Edge menu
  2. Look for the following Receipt functions: (1) Reissue Receipts and (2) Reprint Receipts
  1. Log in with Supervisor rights 
  2. Look in the left Raiser's Edge menu
  3. There will be no Data Health Center in the Canadian version 
  1. Navigate to Records > Gifts 
  2. Open any gift
  3. Look for the Receipt Stack field 
  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select Profiles, Lists, and Directories
  3. There will be no report called Target Analytics Scores List

For additional information about Canadian version features, please refer to the Canadian Guides section of The Raiser's Edge How-to Guides.