What is Queue Validation?

When validating a queue, The Raiser's Edge examines all information entered in the queue to determine whether any data entry errors exist. For example, the program checks to see that all output file names are valid, that duplicate file names are not used, and that input queries can be found. Other examples of validation include ensuring the printers for all printer output can be found and ensuring that every selected report contains all necessary information.

How to run Queue Validation

    • From a Queue screen, select Tools, Validate from the menu bar
    • When the program finishes validating the batch, a Queue Validation Complete screen appears, displaying the results
    • The Queue Validation Complete screen displays the number of items validated in the queue, and the number of valid and invalid items in the queue
    • If invalid items exist, click Preview Report to preview the validation report for the queue
    • If all items validated successfully, click Run Now to access the Run Queue screen
    • On the Run Queue screen, you can select to schedule a date and time to run the queue or run the queue now
    • To return to the Queue screen, click Close

      *For information on setting up RE:Queue, refer to Queue Guide