Configuring Interfund Entries:

  1. Configure the Fund record:
    1. From the Configuration page, click Funds
    2. Open a fund and select the Interfund Accounts tab
    3. Mark the Use a debit and credit account [i.e. Due To and Due From accounts] or Use a single account option [Transfer account]
    4. Define the appropriate General Ledger accounts
    5. Click Save and Close
  2. Set the Business Rule:
    1. From the Configuration page, click Business Rules
    2. Select Journal Entry
    3. Mark the Allow automatic creation of interfund entries in journal entry checkbox

Using Interfunds in Journal Entry:

  1. From the Journal Entry page, click New Regular Batch
  2. Enter a Description
  3. Mark the Automatically create balancing interfund entries checkbox
  4. Enter the batch information and click Save
  5. Select Batch, Validate Batch from the menu bar. The interfund entries are automatically created after the validation.