When students are transferred or withdrawn the record will be retained in the gradebook if they have any assignment grade, comment, skill or attendance associated with it. These students and associated information can be viewed if they have the preference to show historical information checked in the gradebook.

Note: When a student transfers from one class into another, assignment grades in Faculty Access for the Web will not transfer. If a student is dropped from a class, marking column grades and attendance are not kept in Faculty Access for the Web.


The student only appears in the Attendance section for a term where attendance was entered for the student in that class.  For example, if no attendance was entered for the student for any term of the class, the student will not appear in the Attendance section at all.  If attendance was entered for the student for the class during the Fall term, but not during the Spring term, the student will appear for the Fall term but not for the Spring term in the Attendance section.

The best recommendation for handling scheduling changes after grades have been entered is to manually enter the grades into the new class assignments