1. Choose the desired module you want to Export from  (such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, etc.)
  2. Click on Export
  3. Click New
  4. Click the type of export you want to create
  5. Click Create Now
  6. In the Destination field, select the destination for the records and click OK
    • Application - The file will be exported to the program in which the format you selected normally opens. e.g. If you selected Excelin the Format field and Application in the Destination field, the data is exported to Excel.
    • Disk file - If you want to save the file in a special format on a disk, server, or your hard drive, you select the format and then select Disk file as the destination. A screen appears for you to map the location where you want the file saved.
    • Exchange Folder - If you have Microsoft Exchange, you can export to folders in Microsoft Outlook.
    • Lotus Notes Database - If you have Lotus Notes, you can export to its database.
    • Note: You can also access the mail function by selecting File, Send as Mail from an open import file
    • Microsoft Mail (MAPI) - If you select this option, you send the file as an email attachment to a designated recipient

Note: Depending on the selections on the Export screen, different screens may appear. Select the appropriate options.