Print a group profile, which includes a list of users in the group: 

  1. In Security, open a User Group. 
  2. Select File from the menu bar and select Print, Print Preview or Export.
    Note: Security Group profiles include a list of group members and all security options set up for that group. Because of the number of security options, it is recommended to Print Preview or Export the profile.
    To only print a list of users in a group, export the profile and select to only print the pages including the list of users 
  3. Repeat for all Security Groups
Users with Supervisor rights will not appear in the Security Group Profile.  Users with Supervisor rights have rights to all aspects of the software.
Users who are not members of a security group will not appear in the Security Group Profile. Users who are not a member of a security group and do not have Supervisor rights have no rights within the software.