Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

    • If the first row in the batch is shaded, this is the default row. Ensure that the first constituent is entered in the second row rather than the first (default) row.
    • Give the user the appropriate rights to commit a constituent batch
    • If the Validate batch before committing is marked, the validation processes first.  When the Exception screen appears, click Commit Now
    • If the Check for duplicates in The Raiser's Edge option is marked, all constituents in the batch that are already in the database appear as an exception and do not commit. (The rest of the batch will commit.) To commit the duplicate constituents, edit the duplicate criteria so that they do not appear as duplicates or unmark the Check for duplicates option.
    • Reboot the workstation
    • If the batch shows as being committed, but none of the constituents appear in records: recreate the batch