Try the following steps until resolved. Validate the batch after each step to see if it addressed the exception.
  1. If Appeal is blank, add the appeal.
  2. If Appeal is completed, place the cursor in the first column and tab through/across the entire row. (If you tab down to a blank last row, highlight the last row and delete it before validating.)
  3. Highlight the gift row and go to Gift > Split Gift... and Gift > Match... Review these make sure that each split gift line and/or the matching gift pledge have appeals.
  4. Delete the line item from the batch and add it again.
  5. Unmark the Required option on the appeal field.
  6. Commit the gift batch. On the commit set-up, mark Create an exception batch so a new batch of gifts that do not commit are moved to a new batch.
NOTE: If this occurs regularly with batches of web-based transactions, make sure that a default appeal/source is being specified for the page/form in NetSolutions and/or Blackbaud NetCommunity.