1. If the batch is posted, reverse the original batch.  If the batch is not posted, skip to step 3.
  2. Copy the original batch as Regular; this should open the new Copied batch window. 
  3. Select the Batch menu, Globally Change Transactions
  4. Select the appropriate field, selecting the 'Replace' Operator.  Insert the incorrect date or text in the Replace field, and the correct information in the With field. 
    • Note: To change the post date(s) to all the same date you can select an Operation of Add and enter the appropriate date in the Add field. Then mark the Overwrite existing value checkbox.
    • Note: If only changing a part of a text field, use Partial Replace instead of Replace.
  5. Post the batch

*NOTE: If the transactions in batch have been generated in sub-modules of The Financial Edge, it may be more appropriate to edit the post date on the transaction in the originating sub-module, thus maintaining an audit trail.