1. Create a membership query of the dropped memberships.
  2. Create a membership export and select the membership query
  3. Select any constituent fields needed for the renewal letters
  4. Under the History chapter, select the membership fields to export.
  5. When prompted as to how many transactions to export, specify 2 or more. The first transaction on the History record is the "Drop" which does not have any of the membership information. The second transaction should have the last information about their membership: Dues, Category, Expires on, etc.
  6. Preview your export. The export will contain blank columns for the Drop transactions, but it will have a second set of columns for each membership field with the correct membership information.
  7. Click Export and save your file.
  8. If preparing letters, open the export file and remove the blank columns or make sure to select the second set of columns (the ones with data) when inserting merge fields.