1. On your Home page, select the academic year in which to enter skill
2. On the navigation bar, click Gradebook
3. Select the Skills tab
4. In the Marking Column and Class fields, select the marking column and
class for which to enter skill ratings
5. To control what appears on the grid, click Customize
6. In Skills to Include, select to display all or selected skills on your Skills page. If you mark Selected, you can mark checkboxes for the skill categories to appear on the grid.
7. In the Skill Sort Order field, select to sort the skills on the grid by Category, Alphabetical, or Course Order. Course Order is the order skills display on the course record in Registrar’s Office.
8. Select skill ratings for your students. Click in a cell and select from a list
of skill ratings defined by the administrator for the skill. Contact the
administrator if you do not have the skill ratings you need.

For more information, refer to the Faculty Access User's Guide