When a recurring batch is committed, it will generate a new batch number for each committal. That number is visible on the batch commit report in the upper left as "Committed as ####" and on the gift as its batch number on the constituent's record. This message happens when searching by that number in Batch Quick Find. However to view the originating recurring batch, that original batch number, and not the "committed as" batch number, must be known.

To find the original recurring batch when only the "Committed as" or the gift's batch number (such as seen on the committed gift) is known:
  1. Open any gift batch in the Batch module.
  2. Click on Tools in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Edit batch set-up.
  4. On the Batch Header tab, click the blue i button to the right of the batch number field.
  5. In the new search window, enter the known batch number in Batch number field. (Note: Make sure that all search options at the bottom are not marked/unchecked.)
  6. Click Find Now.
  7. Find the Batch Number in the results Look in the Batch Description column for the originating batch number and note that.
  8. Click Cancel or X-out to close the search window.
  9. Click on Cancel or X-out of the Gift Batch Setup window.
  10. X-out or go to File > close to close the Batch.
  11. Click on Batch in the Raiser's Edge menu.
  12. Enter the batch number noted in step 7 in Quick Find in the lower right. Click the binoculars to search. The batch should open up or refine the search in the search window.