This is a non-exhaustive list of possible resolutions:

  1. Log in as Local Administrator and run the installation or update again
  2. Disable any virus-scanning software
  3. At the workstation, map a drive from the workstation directly to the Deploy folder on the server
  4. Change the location of the TEMP directory
  5. At the server, give the System Full Control to the Deploy Folder
  6. Manually update the workstation by running Setup.exe from the Deploy package on the server
  7. If using a downloaded update, download the update again and use the new update
  8. Verify the InstallTo path in the Deploy.ini file on the server:
    1. Browse out to the Deploy folder
    2. Open the deploy.ini in Notepad
    3. Check the InstallTo= line, making sure that the path exists on all workstations
    4. If such a path does not exist, delete the path, but leave InstallTo=
    5. Save the file and continue installing workstations
  9. Recreate the Deploy package:
    1. Browse to the Deploy folder on the server
    2. Rename the Deploy folder to OLD_Deploy
    3. Rebuild the Deploy Kit [ASA \ SQL Server]
    4. Manually update each workstation
    5. If the error still occurs, move the Deploy package to a different directory
  10. Uninstall and reinstall the workstation [The Raiser's Edge] [The Financial Edge/The Education Edge]