Follow the steps below to create a new asset and record its acquisition:

Note: If you have Accounts Payable, and the optional module Purchase Orders, you can create assets from purchase order receipts

  1. In Records, click Assets
  2. Click Add a New Asset using the Asset Wizard
  3. On the General tab, complete the asset information
  4. Select the Historical Transactions tab
  5. Select the post status of Not yet posted from the drop-down list and enter the post date in the Post date field
  6. Select the Acquisition Distribution tab
  7. Enter the account where the asset will be recorded in the DR Account Number field. Or, click the binoculars to search for the account. Click Find Now. Select the account, then click Open
  8. Enter an amount for the acquisition and enter any additional distribution information needed
  9. Select the Depreciation Distribution tab and enter the distribution for depreciation transactions
  10. Click Create Asset(s) Now
  11. A message appears indicating that transactions have been successfully generated. Click OK. An Historical Transactions Control Report displays. You can print this report or export it for review. Close the report.
  12. Click Close