Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. Verify the birthday file exists and is in the correct location. It should be placed in the [path]:\The Raisers Edge 7 folder (for The Raiser's Edge 7) or the [path]:\The Financial Edge folder (for The Financial Edge).
    • Once the birthday file is in the correct directory, create the new database.
    • If the birthday file has already been used/executed without success, then re-copy the birthday file and paste/overwrite into the correct location again.
  2. Verify the file ends with a .EXE extension. If not, rename the file to end in .EXE (.exe files may need to be renamed to send via an email attachment).
  3. Unmark the Read Only property of the Birthday File.
  4. Contact your account manager to obtain an additional database license. They will need to know the serial number of the existing databases.

Please see, "Error: A database with a matching serial number has already been added to this server. Do you want to change this server to point to the database you just selected?" if the error occurs after an installation or while attempting to add an existing database to the server.